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Project Wonderland is an up and coming online shop. Here I want to share my crafty experiences and my business plans, goals, and sucesses. Currently I can be found at and I have my own website in the works.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Do you believe in love?

Mona and Michael do! They are two sellers on Etsy who met in the forums. Their relationship has blossomed from there. To get all the details check on Mona’s blog. Their story is truly beautiful and heart warming. I only hope I’m luckily enough to find love that that. Anyways Michael lives in Vermont and Mona is in Florida. As many of you know, a big move can be expensive. They are saving up for Michael’s big move to Florida. To honor this journey they giving away freebies will all purchases from both of their shops!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Check it out!

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Orange Crush Bracelet

Several months ago, I made this anklet, and it was nice and I liked it but I knew it could be better. I put it aside, and there it sat unnoticed with so much potential. A few days ago, I notice this anklet and realized where I went wrong. It was meant to be a bracelet! I took a few inches off and ...tada! It makes a fabulous bracelet.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Featured Seller: art4milkbones

Ok, so I have two miniature pinchers, and I’m totally in love with dogs, all of them. It is no wonder I love this shop. Art4milkbones sells all dog related items, including adorable wooden signs (one of which I am the proud owner of!), magnets, leash holders, charms and toys.

I, obviously, love the wooden signs, as I have one. I think this one might be my favorite. It would be perfect for any dog friendly home. Seriously though, what dog doesn’t love milk bones? And the description “Dogs don't care how much money you have or if your having a bad hair day ...” Can you say adorable?

I also love these magnets! Again with the descriptions...” Dogs Leave Paw Prints On Your Heart..& now they can leave them on the fridge!” How true is that? Any dog lover can appreciate how true that statement rings. Plus they are bright, colorful, and cute as hell!

To see more items from art4milkbones you can check out

Friday, January 05, 2007

Featured Seller: Ahpeele

Ok so this shop just rocks. I don’t even know where to start! They make silk-screened shirts that are just fabulous. Their designs are a brilliant mix of originality and tredniness. They offer such a wide variety of styles and sizes, for both men and women, it would be hard to find something you don’t want.

I think my personal favorite is their “Japanese Koi Art Asian vintage tattoo” design. It is shown on a women’s short-sleeved t-shirt, but is also available on women and men’s long sleeved t-shirts and also on a zip up hoodie.

I generally feature two items but I am afraid I can not choose a
second. So I'll leave you with a taste, but you must go explore this one for yourself!