Project Wonderland

Project Wonderland is an up and coming online shop. Here I want to share my crafty experiences and my business plans, goals, and sucesses. Currently I can be found at and I have my own website in the works.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ready to work!

For the past two months or so I haven’t been putting as much effort into Project Wonderland as I used to. I’ve been creating continuously and keeping up with listing items, but other than that I haven’t been doing too much. Promoting takes a lot of time and metal energy. It gets tiring after awhile. And then today I woke up and I thought “O.K. I’m ready to work!” My day was pretty packed with obligation unrelated to Project Wonderland and after I finished everything I had to do I got myself and my space organized. I strongly dislike working in a messy space! So now I am energized and organized and ready to go! Look out world, I'm back!!


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