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Friday, September 14, 2007

Class is in session!

So I’m three weeks into the semester and I already feel overwhelmed. I thought this semester would be fairly easy because I’m taking three psychology classes and a chemistry class. Psychology is my major and tends to come naturally to me, it is something I don’t have trouble understanding. Chemistry…I’m not so comfortable with but it is an intro class so I figured it shouldn’t be too hard. Honestly I don’t think any of my classes are that hard… yet, but they are work intensive. I have classes Monday through Thursday and I have and assignment due almost every day, plus three out of four of my classes has a big, huge, mega project due at the end of the semester. I hate to admit it but in the last few Project Wonderland has been pushed off to the side. I haven’t done much more than relist items. The worst part is I have even had time to create anything new or photograph the stash of jewelry I have made. Over the last three weeks I have realized how much I love making jewelry and how much I enjoy the things I thought I didn’t like, such as photographing my creations, editing pictures, and promoting my shop through different online communities. I know in a few weeks I will have adjusted to being back in school and I will allow myself to actually take a break from the books and have fun… Right now I am just trying to figure out what my professors are like, what they expect from me, and how they grade and test, as I have several professors this year that I have not had in the past. I tend to be a perfectionist, particularly when it comes to my education and my grades. Some day I plan to attend grad school and I’m going to need those A’s.


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