Project Wonderland

Project Wonderland is an up and coming online shop. Here I want to share my crafty experiences and my business plans, goals, and sucesses. Currently I can be found at and I have my own website in the works.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I’m such a bum!!

I did pretty much nothing today except watch TV and movies. I’m still sick. Actually I think my ear infection is getting worse because today it HURTS! Well I guess I got a little bit of work done. I went through all of my jewelry and accessories (hair clips, magnets, keychain, etc.) I separated the pieces I have pictures of from the ones I don’t have pictures of. It looks like I’m going to be taking a lot of pictures this week. I need to make a new light box. I threw my old one out because it was pretty beat up. Here is the tutorial I used to make my light box, but I changed a few things. Instead of bristol board, I use white foam sheets. The only down side is they get dirty easily but they are cheap so I buy a ton of them. Also instead of fabric, I use freezer paper to cover the sides of the box and wax paper to cover the top. I love this light box because it is super easy to make and cheap. It works good and it’s almost no investment. I mean it is like what $1.99 for freezer paper. Right now I have a box and freezer paper but no foam sheets or wax paper. Tomorrow I should be feeling good enough to the store, at least I hope I’m feeling good enough.

Speaking of not feeling well… My mom is having trouble breathing. Today she walked from the house to the car. We were going to get her blood tests done. When she got to the car her face was red, like really red, and she was gasping for air- with her oxygen on. She really scared me. We were going to go to the hospital but she talked me out of it. She hadn’t ate or taken any of her medicines because she had to fast for her blood test. She thought maybe that had something to do with her feeling so bad. She wants to go to the doctor on Monday. I hope she will be able to get an appointment.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Fever!

Oh boy! These past few days have been rough. I have an ear infection and a chest cold. I felt fine when I went to bed Monday night. Tuesday morning was a whole different story. Fever, ear ache, head ache, coughing, head congestion, chest congestion, the whole nine yards. I'm starting to feel a little crazy. For the last three days I have done nothing but sleep and watch TV. How many Law and Order reruns can one girl watch? I'm starting to feel a little better. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to venture out of the house, or at least off the couch!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Where I’ve been and where I’m going!

Well I’m not sure about everyone else but for me December was a great month. It was a busy month but it was great. I spent it finishing up my last semester of classes and preparing for my internship, plus there is Christmas and New Years. My Etsy shop was open in December but it was definitely not a top priority. Then in mid-January I, unexpectedly and without any explanation, closed my Etsy shop.

On January 11 my mother went in for a heart catheterization. There were some very serious complications. Her artery collapsed and her heart stopped for 36 minutes. After reviving her, the surgeons preformed an emergency double by-pass. Honestly we were prepared for the worst. The surgeons were not sure she would survive the by-pass and were fairly certain that if she did she would have some brain damage from oxygen deprivation. Miraculously she not only survived but is well on her way to making a full recovery. In fact she is doing so well that I am ready to re-open my Etsy shop.

I’ve taken the semester off school and I’m only working part time so now that my mom doesn’t really need help anymore… I actually have a good bit of free time for once. Tomorrow will be my “Grand Re-Opening!” It feels good for my routine to be returning to something like normal. Plus I’m ready to have something to commit to. I’m used to having classes and working really hard for the grade. Right now I don’t have that and I work at a pizza shop so I really can’t take that too seriously. I’m excited to see where I can take Project Wonderland when I make it my main priority.