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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Finally It Has Happen To Me...

I found some free time! Thank goodness for Thanksgiving break. These last few days have been great. I spent some time in my craft room, started some new projects, made some new items, hung out with my family and friends, and finally listed new items on etsy.

I'm trilled with how my picture came out. It was sunny today, a little bit chilly but over all a pretty nice day. It took pictures of my "Mirror Mirror on the box" in the grass. The box is gray and looked so good in contrast to the green grass. I have been having a hard time with my pictures lately. I'm just happy I finally took some that I'm satisfied with.

I also am really happy with how my "Chinese Coin Keychain" came out. I took them on my sidewalk so that background looks kind of sandy. It looks really good because the keychain is made of hemp and the coins have an antique gold or brass look, it blended very well.


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