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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Featured Shop: Canadian Wood Crafts

The name says it all, wooden crafts from a seller in Canada, right? Well sort of. When I think of wooden crafts, I automatically envision the uneven spice racks and crooked birdhouses that were a product of high school shop class. That is so far from what your find in this shop. This hand carved wood serving spoon is beautiful. The best description come from Barry, the shop owner. “I have always felt that even simple everyday tools such as a Wooden Spoon should be not only pleasing to the eye but comfortable for the hand as well.” The wooden spoons in my kitchen draw look nothing like that. After seeing how attractive a spoon can look, I may never be satisfied with my drab wooden spoon again. I also love his wooden pendants. This “E” is for etsy wood pendent is my favorite. I love the way the three different types of wood blend together. I also suggest you look around this shop for all the great things I didn’t mention, trust me it worth looking at!


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I just wanted to say Thanks for the Great write up and for featuring my work.
Barry Lee Loewen

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