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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Reality is settling in….

Well reality has finally hit me, in both good and bad ways. I am starting my senior year of college, which is great because it mean I am close to graduating. It also means I am starting my internship, which means I work and I pay a lot of money to do so. On top of paying to work, there are a lot of assignments that go along with interning. Now I am not really complaining because I know the experience will be invaluable and will help me in a countless number of ways during my future. My only problem is I don’t want to be overwhelmed and I already know I will be. Between classes, my internship, my job, and Project Wonderland, I will be surprised if I sleep, let alone have any sort of social life. I am starting my internship next week, before the semester even begins, to get a head start on my hours. I have also started on my readings for the semester. I know the busy season is coming soon in the world of retail and I want to be prepared. I think the best way for me to prepare for the holiday shopping season is to finish as much school work as I can now, before school even starts. Other than worrying about how Project Wonderland will fare, I am excited about the semester and my internship. I am really interested in the classes I am taking this semester and I think my internship will be an amazing learning experience.


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