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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Concerns about privacy on Etsy?

If you frequent the Etsy forums you have probably noticed several threads stating concerns about privacy issues on Etsy. The main issues are that anyone can see what a buyer has bought and how much they have paid through feedback and that everyone can see the prices of a seller’s previously sold items. This can create some problems such as someone finding how much you paid for their gift or someone adding up your income from Etsy sales.

While I am personally not concerned with these issues, I can understand why others are. Admins have noted that they are taking these issues seriously but don’t want to make any hasty discussions. I can also understand that. My partial solution (and the solutions of many other sellers, just ask them): don’t leave feedback. While everyone loves feedback if you don’t leave it there is no trail. If you are concerned about people knowing what you bought or what you paid for it, ask the seller not to leave feedback.

Hopefully in the following months there will be a more permanent solution.

What to what every one else is thinking… read these threads, if you search there may be more!
ADMIN, pls consider changes to what's displayed on feedback pg
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