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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Book Review!

Crafts and Craft Shows: How to Make Money by Philip Kadubec

In two words => not impressed! The photos are all in black and black and are horrible. The advice given in this book isn’t for everyone. To be fair this book may be useful for someone who plans to be a full time craft show vendor, but for someone just starting out and not planning to have craft shows as their sole source of income this advice is horribly off base. Hiring a professional photographer and attending only juried shows is not only costly, but in general not reasonable or feasible for a beginner. The good parts of the book are common sense and information you can find doing a simple internet search. The section on booth set up leaves a lot to be desired. I learned more about displays my doing a search on I kept reading hoping I would find something truly useful in this book, but sadly it never happened. I must be missing something because it had good reviews on

**Please note this review is based on the 2000 version, the link and picture show the 2006 version. I’m not sure how different they are**


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